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Providing various credit solutions to the community at large
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Glow Up Solutions LLC is a full-service credit repair business that was founded by its CEO, Rose Justafort. Rose is a certified board credit consultant with over 10 years of knowledge in the financial industry. Through her company, she offers a range of services including credit monitoring, credit repair, establishing credit, and credit education.

About the Owner

Rose Justafort: also known as the Credit Professor and the founder of Glow Up Solutions LLC. She is a Certified Board Credit Consultant and Certified Board Score Consultant. As the Credit Expert in her community, she assists in repairing and rebuilding customers’ credit and loves educating clients about their different options to achieve their financial goals. Rose has a personal passion for entrepreneurship. Life has taught her to dream big and to always stay determined to live beyond your current circumstances. Her motto is, “Hold on to your dreams and believe in yourself even if no one else believes in you.”

Mission Statement

Everything you want is on the next side of your financial heft and strength. As the credit professor, I help individuals, and business owners level up their finances to maximize their purchasing power so they can finance the life of their dreams. I believe a glowing credit score IS your birth right. Let’s amp up your FICO Score!

Having a good credit score is important for everyone to have a strong buying power, whether it’s about taking a vacation or buying inventory for your business. Do you have a credit monitoring service in place? If not, let’s get that put in place now.

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