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Fatten Up Your Credit File to Raise That Credit Score


Having a lot of unpaid transactions and credit card debt is debilitating to your credit score, but so is a thin credit file. Having a thin credit file means you haven’t had enough credit history that you can’t even generate a credit score!

So how do you raise your credit score without getting into potential debt? Here are some ways:

  • Charge all your monthly bill payments to your credit card and pay the balance in full to avoid interest charges. You can avail of your bank account’s automated bill payments to make sure you are paying these on time.
  • Make use of programs that collect your banking history and utility payments and calculate them to your credit score.
  • If you pay rent, there are rent reporting companies that track your rent payments and calculate them to your credit score. However, some of these charges a fee so make sure to read the details first.

Other than the rewards your credit card company offers, a lot of financial moves such as renting an apartment, getting a car or homeowners insurance, and loans are made easier with a good credit score.

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